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Update to the Broker

Dear Partners and Visitors of MySystemX,

We assume everyone is waiting either for the welcome mail of the broker or an update from us. So here is the update from us, which automatically indicates a short delay. We don’t know everything in detail but can give you following information.

There will be a short delay on the launch of the broker, you won’t receive an email today for sure.

Mainly there are three reasons for that:

  • Some late design changes in the backoffice were required, to make it more usable for customers.
  • Some final tests are not completed yet because of the late changes and without a fully tested website it will only cause much more work afterwards.
  • Some translations are not finished as expected because the translator had a fatality in his family. It is always sad when something happens like that and it is understandable that other things are more important than work.

The team behind the broker is almost working 24 hours in several shifts around the global and is doing its best to start as soon as possible. As there is a big run expected at the beginning, it is very important that the framework and platform is working without any problems.

We were promised that the launch will definitely happen this week, so either tomorrow or Friday.



Please read the instructions about the format and the file size on the profile page. The upload was successful when the upload forms disappear and a text is shown that the document confirmation is under process. Also a verification is ONLY required if you want to participate in the partner program.

Thanks to all partner for your continuous work, we really appreciate it and are happy what you have achieved so far. At the minute of writing this newsletter there are 2258 interested persons and/or partners in our database.

We are looking forward to working with you in a team!

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