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For those of you with trading experience … are you tired of losing money day in and day out? Many trading systems are optimized to create amazing backtests, but once you use them on a real account they fail. Aside from all of those “holy grail” trading systems, there are also more and more “professional” traders who collect your money (very often only bitcoin) and promise you tremendous returns week by week until a point is reached when all profits suddenly stop. So from an objective point of view, was it maybe only a lucky punch with some trades? According to some figures, 95% of traders are losing money and only 5% earn year by year. Someone could say only the highest league or “elite” can earn money because they have different preconditions and very often completely different enabling technology.

We have the solution!

What would you say if our partner company could play in the highest league with all enabling technology? Have you ever heard about High Frequency Trading? This is a privilege a “normal” trader or normal investor rarely gets access to. This is your chance to participate in the highest league with even a small amount of money. Very often $100,000 plus is the minimum requirement, but our partner company which is a fully regulated and licensed broker, can offer it to everyone for a one-time marketing fee and a low performance fee. All that you need to do is to fill out the request form below and our partner company will contact you within a few hours.

Services of the partner company

Trading of different breakout-setups from very short-term/intraday to long-term on both sides of the market buy & short.

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Unique method of market data synthesis to determine breakouts traded on a Correlation setup basis.

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Correlation-Trend-following-Breakout-strategy with dynamic volume and sentiment data from all the different market participants in real-time and combines it with the Chicago future market data.

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